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Meet Jelena

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a bit about me…

Hello!  My name is Jelena Crone, pronounced (Yah-lay-nah).  I am Owner and Chief Creative Designer at Bridevine & Branches™.  My name means “Joy” which is perfectly suited for the way that God made me.  I am happily married to my best friend Christopher and together we have 3 daughters, a labradoodle, and 2 cats.  There’s never a dull moment in our household!

I definitely have a new found respect for parents attempting to pursue a degree while balancing family life!  And while I still seek opportunities to improve my skills through education, I feel fortunate to have completed my general & graduate education levels before I got super busy with work and family.  I attended the University of San Francisco right here in the San Francisco bay area for my bachelor’s degree and the Universidad de Iberoamericana in Mexico for foreign language studies.  I additionally completed business and human relations post-graduate studies through the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Mexico and Roehampton University in London.  I added professional studies in Floral Design, Event Design, and Wedding Planning so that I could focus my business on weddings and special events, which I am so passionate about.

Apart from being a hopeless romantic and enjoying my obsession with designing and planning weddings and events, I have a heart for the nations.  I love to travel and explore the vast beauty that surrounds me.  I delight in getting to know other cultures and trying new cuisines.  Two of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read and adore are, “Missionary Stories With the Millers” and “George Mueller”, which I’ve had the pleasure of learning about during my time homeschooling my daughters.

My busy life is made calm when listening to my husband play praise music on his guitar, when listening to the sweet voices of my daughters as they play or when I get to sit back and relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea while watching my favorite episodes on HGTV.  What do you love?  What are you passionate about?

I hope to get to know you too :).  Hopefully, you’ll be excited by some of the beauty here on this site.   I invite you to explore and definitely contact us if our passion and commitment to weddings and events is what you’re looking for.

With Love